Friday, May 25, 2007


man alive, it just takes a little thing like a 30th anniversary to remind u how much u love the starwars! soo goood, absolutley loved return of the jedi when i was younger, all those crazy aliens and creatures...jabbas palace was an amazing and scary place for a 5 year old....heck, it still is at 28 :) ...anyways, i couldnt let the 30th anniversary of sw slip by without doing some kinda i knocked this up quickly on my lunch break, a quick little birthday card from me to george ;)
Hopefully i will get the chance in the next couple of weeks to do a proper starwars pick that i can spend more time on, really wanna draw a biker scout, i loved the speeder bikes....

fly casual!

Friday, May 18, 2007

da-da-da DAAAAAAA.......bababa bap ba ( bada bada ba badap baaaa ) -Spiderman, and his amazing friends!

..or something like that, every saturday morning before i had to go on the weekly food shop with my folks, i would sit infront of the tv glued to that cartoon...awesome show, loved the theme tune, fire star and iceman were cool, and their appartment with the secret statue switch was awesome :) I still remember drawing lots of spidey pics back then, particularly one with the lizard....I'll have to pester the folks to see if they still have any to stick up here.....anyways, still lovin the spiderman, saw spidey 3 last week, and it really doesnt deserve all the bad reviews. It might not blow u away as much as the first 2, and sure there are a couple of weak moments ( english news reporter = paaaaiiin ) but overall it's still a great movie which i really enjoyed, there's some awesome geeky moments.

anyways, been wanting to do a spidey pic for a while, so finally got round to colouring this's no where near finished yet, and the background is essentially just a scaled-up post it note sketch, but goin well so far i think! Hope it gets all yer spidey senses tingling! :)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Sleep..need sleep..but must post this first :) Just finished another 3 pages of Astrofunk, and these are gonna be the last full pages I put online for a good while. Mainly cuz I want to try and get the 24 page issue finished this summer, get it published somehow, then flog it to all of u lovely people :) Or any punter that will part with there hard earned cash for comic goodness. Anyways, I got alot of pages to go draw/colour, so here's 10 through 12, let me know what u think, I'll be back soon with a new pin up or 2 and some sticker action.