Monday, May 26, 2008

Convention sketches, ended up giving a couple away to awesome customers, thanks again!

hOLEY mOLEY! i am knackered! Sellin you're comic is more tiring than i imagined :) Been at the London expo all weekend, had a great time, met lots of awesome folks, thanks to everyone who popped over and said HOWDY, and an even bigger thanks to everyone who picked up the comic. or a badge pack, or tees, all muchos thanks! Got some great feedback and awesome comments from peeps, and I was especially chuffed to get the "hey, reminds me of jet set radio" nod, made my day :) even one guy who didn't pick it up coz it was "too cartoon network" i took as a pretty big complement :) Now it's on with issue 2, got some good rough work done today at the con for some pages, plus i got a bunch of sketches done over the weekend that i'll post tomorrow, but for now sleep beckons, so thanks again to everyone for an awesome weekend! gidnight!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


howdys! This weekend is the London Movie and Comic Expo at the Excel centre in London. Astrofunk is gonna be there selling issue 1, plus the brand spanking new Tshirts and some sweet little Badge packs i just got sorted. So look forwards to seeing folks there, and here's some info on the event. Over and out!

So that was Bristol! My almost first convention went pretty well, even though me and some other guys were slotted into a side room as late applicants it was still cool to be there and meet lotsa cool comic fans and talented creative style folk, plus just checkin out the other stands was useful, so hopefully my next con will have an even better stand with lots of cool stuff! and it's not far away, more details in my next post tomorrow. But for now here's some pics from bristol, some sketches i got dun inbetween chatting to folks, possibly for a 'villains' style poster to mirror the heroes version i already have. Back reel soon!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Bristol here I come..

..this weekend is Bristol Comic Convention, pretty much the biggest in the uk i think, and my first time my first time at a convention selling the 'Funk! So I'm pretty excited, and look forwards to meeting lots of like minded geeks :) I'll be sitting in front of this poster which i've been slaving away on this week, but I'm pretty pleased with, so hopefully it grabs peoples attention. I'm not gonna be in the main hall, i'm over near where the signings and portfolio stuff happens, so if your in the area say hi. Photo's coming next week, if u wanna check out info on the con then cick here Bristol Comic Con