Wednesday, October 02, 2013


My latest print 'Battle of the Sith' is up now at my new print store.

As usual it's printed on beautiful Giclee paper, and at 10" x 30" ultra panoramic it looks supercool.

Limited to just 50 copies, each hand signed and numbered.

Grab it here! - RAB PRINTS

This scene from the series just blew my mind.  I loved getting the timeto draw these guys in a style more reminiscent of the original clone wars animation - simplifying Mandalore for the background was a lot of fun.

Loved the Clone Wars - was gutted when it finished, but man what a way to finish, absolutely stunning. Can't wait to see what those guys cook up with their new show Rebels!

Next up? - well, I would love to do a Return of the Jedi print in the style of my untouchables piece...if i can find the time, maybe!