Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Imagine FX gets funked!

YO! Astrofunk 2 is nearing completion, and i'm gonna put a preview up here very the meantime you can catch a glimpse of the funk in the new issue of Imagine FX magazine here in the UK. Fantasstic mag with lots of cool tutorials and links to quality artists, and for some reason I'm in there :) Small interview on the upcoming DCon manga and Digital art convention in Dundee in March. I'll be there with issue 2 of AstroFunk - which means I'd better go get busy! Seeyasoon!

Find out more about the magazine here Imagine FX

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


W-W-W-Woooowzas! Has it really been almost 3 months since my last post!
I can't believe it, i guess moving house has kept me busier than i realised...anyways, couple of games just got released on Friday that I worked on earlier in the year, so a good excuse for an easy post - this stuff is from Family Game Night 2, just released for the Wii, and there's a tiny bit of stuff from a brief stint i did on the DS version of FGN. All great fun to work on with a very cool bunch of folks.

Astrofunk 2 is getting there, it's feeling more and more like an actual comic that i can read from start to finish...kind of, so hopefully it'll be finished soon. I'm kinda holding off posting anymore titbits to save it for the final article, but might just throw some lineart up here in the short term. Otherwise another 3 months will pass with no posts!!

Cheers for stopping by!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Funking it up....

Quick teaser poster i had fun doing for Astrofunk part 2. And giving myself this deadline may actually mean i finish it! fingers crossed :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Potter!! The movie is finally out, which means our Harry Potter video game is also released. I was lucky enough to work with the guys early last year storyboarding the cutscenes for the game, which was fantastic fun for a potter geek like myself, sitting drawing Dumbledore, Snape and the rest was great fun, and getting a peek at the new characters like Jim Broadbents Slughorn was amazing. So here's some of the boards I worked on, covering the very first opening cut scene of the game, a moment between Ginny and Harry in the room of requirement, and one of Slughorns memories. Hope u enjoy checking them out, might drop a few more Potter bits n pieces off in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CaptainFuzzball part 3

The third installment of my new ongoing Fuzzball flavoured comic adventure comedy thing. 'Nuff said :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Captain Fuzzball 2

Mornin' all! As promised Fuzzball is back, in the second of his new adventures.....and Zeek is with him, you didn't really think I'd get rid of him did u? :) The story follows on from where part 1 left off, but reading part 1 isn't essential - although i would obviously say if u haven't already checked out the first part then scroll down and do that first! It's great fun working on this stuff, and there's definitely some more coming very soon, probably another 2 weeks time or so....see ya then!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Captain Fuzzball Returns!

Welcome to the first Fuzzball Friday!

It's been a few weeks since I last posted, but I've been busy finishing off some brand new Captain Fuzzball strips that will
debut online at this blog.....currently I'm thinking there'll be a new one every fortnight or so, really enjoying writing these at the moment, adding that extra character really alloyed me to get some banter going between them, much more fun. But it's not all about me, I wanna know what u folks think, so give it a read, and hopefully a chuckle, and drop me a comment. Enjoy!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Astrofunk 2 Cover Concepts

Back with some Astrofunk issue 2 action this week - I'm almost finished the final version of the cover, but thought I'd stick up some of the work involved in getting there. As you can see, it's changed along the way, the only constant being that right from the initial sketches i knew that i wanted the cover to use the 8bitChick, and preferably show off the 8bit guns themselves, so went doodling crazy. The first page shows where i got to with my first pass, i liked the fact that u saw the scared rabbit and the stickers of the chompatrons, but upon reflection the post just wasn't exciting enough....soooo, i went back to the sketchbook, and came up with the idea of her running towards us with chompatrons by her side, and i think it works much better - there's more energy in the pose, and i think it just reaches out and grabs u more. Or here's hoping anyways - sure you'll let me know if i'm way off the mark :)

Back next week with....something else!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


New character time!

This guy is a new villain for Astrofunk....can't say too much about him without revealing story elements, other than he's a traffic warden in space - with a gunslingin' twist. Developing this guy's been great fun, especially working on his face..trying to get a stylised version of those Gene Hackman wrinkles, and an evil grin, makes u happy to be sitting at a lightbox :) I find creating the reference sheet really useful, even if u think you've know hot to draw a cowboy or whatever, there's always some little nuance u can find....either that or a completely diferent idea! Working on some colour passes next, so more from this guy soon. Oh, and that Astrofunk 2 cover which i's a comin!

Friday, April 03, 2009

More FGN...

Just a quick post coz i gotta run home and make a curry :)

Some more work from Family Game Night, which I've been enjoying getting to grips with on xbox live, especially Connect 4...even though I suck! So if u want an easy win, challenge me :) I got to do a good variety of stuff on this game, and these show some more of the diferent aspects of that - whether it was designing trophies based on the games or creating views that appear outside the games room, or concepting the diferent themes for the room, all great fun.

Next up - I'll have the cover for Astrofunk 2 next week, maybe not finished but at least a sneak peek at the work so far. Until then, adios!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Family Game Night 360

Back again!
Today sees the release of Hasbro Family Game Night on xbox 360 - so right now u can go online and download the first of the 3 games, Connect 4, Battleships, and Yahztee, along with the gamesroom which comes in a variety of themes. Concepting these themes was one of my main duties on the project, which i worked on for most of last I thought I'd start by sharing just one of these themes - Secret Agent. This was one of the last to be concepted but one of the most enjooyable to work on. You can see from the screenshots that the in-game model turned out pretty close to my concept, and the View concept with the potato walkers is actually used as the in-game texture for the view outside the window. This game was really great for me in stretching my skills into some more realistic enviroment work, and I've got afew more to post up here in the coming weeks.

You can download the room and themes for free and try out trial games, so even if u don't fancy spending pennies on the games u can check out my concept inspired themes :)

Check out info and trailer on the game over at xbox dot com below

Plus check out a selection of screenshots from the game and reviews over at Ign below

FGN ScreenShots

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trivial Pursuit

Friday the 13th saw the release of Trivial Pursuit on consoles everywhere, and I was lucky enough to get to do some cool stuff on the project. I wasn't on it for very long, but managed to produce all of the avatars which u see in all versions except 360. I created about 30 of these characters, each with 5 expressions to show their reactions to the questions here's a quick glimpse at some of those, the game is great fun and not as stuffy or boring as i remember triv being when i was growing up :)

Got another game out this week , so will get some concept up from that in afew days, 'till then Adios!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SF4 Pics

Quick post - got my SF4 prizes through this morning, so wanted to drop off some quick photos for those that requested it. The US version contains 2 dvd style cases as shown, and as u can see my artwork is found inside the 2nd case containing a soundtrack CD and comic. Apart from the image being a bit more cropped than i would like, it's all pretty dang cool - plus the US game and anime dvd all run on my PAL xbox, so good times :)

D-CON - Thanks to everyone who dropped by the astrofunk stall at D-Con, great to meet lots of new fans and say hi to some old buddies, if you've just picked up the comic then drop me a comment here on whatchya think , your suggestions could help shape issue 2...which i should post more of soon...ish. Keep sketching! ...and playing street fighter...but mainly sketching :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


News just in - the human torch was denied a bank loan today. :)

In other news, I was lucky enough to have my Street Fighter entry selected as one of six finalists which will each appear in diferent versions of the game. It's amazing to be up there with the 5 other fantastic pieces, there's some truly awesome artwork - you can check all 6 out here at the capcom blog


It was great fun working on a pic for one of my favourite video games series of all time, so I'm pretty excited to see it out there - the entries are each on inside covers of the dvd/game cases - my entry is on the inside of the anime disc in the Xbox360 Collectors Edition

Anyways, some guys requested desktop versions of the image, so the two images above are for normal or wide desktops. Now I gotta go play some street fighter!!!

oh - and thanks to Chris and Gordon for feedback whilst i worked on the image, cheers guys!

UPDATE - Looks like the artwork only appears in the US version for anyone keeping an eye out for it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Working away at Astrofunk 2, been making great progress and managed to find a cover design i'm pretty happy with , so might get that up here should be some Fuzzball up here soonish too, but in the meantime here's some of that 'roughstuff' that Captain Nolan requested :)
These Chomptastic robots are great fun to draw and appear alot in issue 2, so thought I'd stick some of the roughs up here , plus the initial sketches for page 9+10 of issue 2. These are ususally done at post it size then blown up to A4, and i always enjoy looking back at how a page started....back soon with more Funk!

Oh - Astrofunk and I will be appearing at D-Con, an Anime and Art Convention in Dundee on the 28th Feb, so if yer in the area drop by and say 'howdy' :) see link below for info

Saturday, January 24, 2009

And here....we........go !

HOWDYHOWDYHOWDY! It's been a long night, and my whiskey glass is getting empty, but finally I have it - the first 2 totally finished pages of ASTROFUNK 2!! It feels great to be back in the world of astrofunk drawing these characters again...I've got alot of issue 2 drawn out and ready to colour, so it's a definite release for later this year, as for exactly when, stay tuned..... These 2 pages are 8 and 9, so not the beginning of the issue, but a good place to give u a preview without reavealing too many of my secrets :) Gotta say a big thanks to everyone who has been asking about the second issue, always fantastic to hear from someone who enjoyed the first one, really gets me even more excited to be working on this I hope u all enjoy these pages, be sure to let me know what u think! Up next is some Captain Fuzzball, I'm working in a slightly diferent format for him at the moment, with quick little one scene gags, the first of which will be up next week....this is a format I've always enjoyed when done by the masterful Bill Watterson in Calvin & Hobbes, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Hopefully it means you get more captain fuzzball up here on the blog regularly, albeit in smaller doses....but don't worry , I have 2 or 3 larger adventures in the works for him, including of course the back up strip in AF2. Anyways, I think I should finally call it a night and allow myself to sleep......hope u enjoy these pages, thanks again for support and be sure to say Hi....Goodnight~!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wishing Well Studios

First post of 2009! ...and it's just a quicky, ease u into things gently :)
Just wanted to point folks in the direction of 3Dtotals site - where they have just added the link to a new 'Making of' feature by the very talented guys at Wishing Well Studios. It's well worth a look, and details how they put together the latest scene from 'Mules Gold', covering everything from concept through modelling, lighting and more. Check it out at the link below

As for me - got a number of projects on the go at the moment, but mainly focussing on ASTROFUNK 2 ! It's going really well, and check back later this week for the first glimpse of two finished pages....infact i gotta go colour them now! Adios!