Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Imagine FX gets funked!

YO! Astrofunk 2 is nearing completion, and i'm gonna put a preview up here very the meantime you can catch a glimpse of the funk in the new issue of Imagine FX magazine here in the UK. Fantasstic mag with lots of cool tutorials and links to quality artists, and for some reason I'm in there :) Small interview on the upcoming DCon manga and Digital art convention in Dundee in March. I'll be there with issue 2 of AstroFunk - which means I'd better go get busy! Seeyasoon!

Find out more about the magazine here Imagine FX


Vencys_lao said...


Buddy, it's AMAZING!
I met this magazine, it has no publisher here in Brazil. But this magazine have a great name and all the world meet. I think.

It's awesome, man!
You deserve!

Astrofunk is rules! \o

Anonymous said...

Looking good, I wil be there this year : )
Rowan x

Tamel Eidek said...

Haha looks great huh?

Keep up the good work


rats78 said...

Damn dude. Thats some pretty good advertising for Astrofunk. I'll be there supporting your efforts again dude.

Please let there not be any lame cos play this time round.

Bring some funk tees again. Will defo purchase one this time.

Anonymous said...

How totally awesome :-) Nice one!