Thursday, July 31, 2008

day 3 - FLyIN' mONStuR

So if the soldier aint climbing over big monsters what else are they upto? Well...I supppose they could grapple onto one of these wierd things, use them as a way to get from place to place....or just take a ride for fun :)
Really enjoyed these 3 pieces in this theme so far, think that each piece is an improvement on the last....for this one I was lookin at stuff like Walrus's and Coral for reference ideas on the flying creature, and u might just spot some little star fish attached to it's body. Don't think there'll be anything else this week, maybe a small real quick piece like a soldier helmet detail....but back next week! Let me know what u think of these 3 and have a good one!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

day 2 - mON-StUR

ok, so today i thought 'what the heck are these soldiers doing? ....well turns out their climbing buildings then trying to get onto one of these crazy things...been lookin at some wierd mole and turtle claw reference recently, so that's kinda inspired bits of it....anyways, had fun doin this, probs won't get sumthin up tomorrow, but maybe day after along same theme. I like the idea of tryin to grapple onto something that isn't stationary in a game, could be fun....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

1-a-day - GO!

Howdy....I thought this week i might try to get a picture on my blog everyday....well, atleast for the first 4 days before i get busy at the weekend with other stuff, but anyways, I'm gonna try to keep the ideas within the same theme / world, so I've gone with this soldier guy to start with. This kinda character pops up a heck of alot in video games, and i always think it must be tough to come up with a new lookin variant on the future soldier idea. Luckily this kinda quick painting means i dont have to go too indepth into the design, but I'm quite pleased with his initial visor design and the guns. All good practice, and enjoying just painting. Anyways, tomorrow night look for something else from this world.....maybe something ....monstrous maybe :) Sleep times beckon!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bonus Stage

After taking my little thundercat themed break, I got back to finishing my SF4 piece, and here it is. I certainly need more practise in the painting department, so this was a good exercise, and I'm quite pleased witht the result. But i need to get alot more digital painting done, get better and quicker, so expect more of this stuff soon hopefully. Anyways, streetfighter rocks, enjoy!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Ok , so I know I'm in the middle of a Street fighter painting....but i started doodling my faovurite thundercat on the train back home, and couldn't stop! :) I did get the sf pic almost finished, so it will probably go up tonight or tomorrow, but for now here's what i've been upto for most of my day....aah, sweet drawing days.

This drawing is for a couple of people - firstly me, I love Thundercats, and it's about time i did a colour piece of one of those cool cats.....and secondly for my little bro, who is also a big fan, particularly of this guy. Hope u like it big guy! ( aint it a pain when you're little brother is bigger than u ) :)

Anyway, this was mega fun, hope all u cat fans out there enjoy it! HOOOO!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Street Fighter Train-ing

HADOKEN! Woo! I'm back up in the amazing capital city of Edinburgh, and on the way up here i thought I'd keep myself busy by doing a quick painting on the train. Seen as I'm looking forwards to playing Street Fighter 4 next weekend in London, I thought I'd pick from the roster of awesome sf characters....the two i've picked are gonna be console exclusives in sf4, Dan and Fei Long. I quickly mocked up the colour / composition test, then spent an hour fleshing out the line work and blocking in base colour. I should get the next part done on the train back on monday, and want to spend about another hour or so adding some tone n stuff with the paint. Anyways, really enjoyed this, hope u all likes...finished version in a couple of days!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Oldman Batman

Not just any oldman....Gary Oldman! :) sorry, i am a Dad, my jokes are only gettting worse, and they were never that good in the first place.

Fancied getting a portrait sketch done last night, and since I'm mega hyped about the new Batman Movie, I thought I'd pick a character from the Dark Knight. Always been a big fan of Gary Oldman, so decided to go with Jim Gordon. Really enjoyed scribbling away at this, and just generally want to get a greater variety of drawing done, so it was a nice change, and next I'm gonna aim for something similar but then digitally paint it up. Anyways, I wanna see Batman related pics on all the blogs i visit, so get drawing!!! :)

Friday, July 04, 2008


OK here goes...this is the first look at Astrofunk issue 2, and about time u might well say :)
Right now it's going really well, I'm enjoying scribbling away in sketch pad and roughing out the last of the pages that aren't yet there...then there's the fun of cleanup on the ol' lightbox....then the joys of photoshop. I'm finding it pretty easy to get inspired to draw these days, reading so many fantastic comics...Lenil francis Yu on Secret Invasion, and Oliver Copiel on Thor are constantly blowin my mind, and it's amazing to see Joe Mad back on Ultimates, plus I'm mega lookin forwards to the new Sharknife Double Z by mr.Reyyy. So big thanks to all of them and everyone else whose amazing artwork inspires me to keep the pencil going.....

I don't have any finished pages to show just yet, but right now i wanna wet your appetite with a breakdown of 2 pages from the new issue.....these show the process i go through before taking the page into photoshop to colour it up. Some roughs can be really messy, so the biggest amount of work at this stage is getting that to a cohesive pencil that i can easily clean up. So check out the pages and let me know what u think....personally i feel it's gonna be better than issue 1 in every way, but that's just me :)

As for what else i can say about issue 2.....well, there's more main story, covering 32 pages compared to 26 in the first issue.....and Captain Fuzzball is back, with a 7 page story that ties in to the main story arc, so that's been cool doodling his lil' fuzzy bits :)

So that's me for now...will be back very soon with some doodles of new characters and stuff, thanks again to everyone who has picked up issue 1 and for all the awesome comments. Comics Rock, and drawing them is sketchtastic!!