Friday, July 04, 2008


OK here goes...this is the first look at Astrofunk issue 2, and about time u might well say :)
Right now it's going really well, I'm enjoying scribbling away in sketch pad and roughing out the last of the pages that aren't yet there...then there's the fun of cleanup on the ol' lightbox....then the joys of photoshop. I'm finding it pretty easy to get inspired to draw these days, reading so many fantastic comics...Lenil francis Yu on Secret Invasion, and Oliver Copiel on Thor are constantly blowin my mind, and it's amazing to see Joe Mad back on Ultimates, plus I'm mega lookin forwards to the new Sharknife Double Z by mr.Reyyy. So big thanks to all of them and everyone else whose amazing artwork inspires me to keep the pencil going.....

I don't have any finished pages to show just yet, but right now i wanna wet your appetite with a breakdown of 2 pages from the new issue.....these show the process i go through before taking the page into photoshop to colour it up. Some roughs can be really messy, so the biggest amount of work at this stage is getting that to a cohesive pencil that i can easily clean up. So check out the pages and let me know what u think....personally i feel it's gonna be better than issue 1 in every way, but that's just me :)

As for what else i can say about issue 2.....well, there's more main story, covering 32 pages compared to 26 in the first issue.....and Captain Fuzzball is back, with a 7 page story that ties in to the main story arc, so that's been cool doodling his lil' fuzzy bits :)

So that's me for now...will be back very soon with some doodles of new characters and stuff, thanks again to everyone who has picked up issue 1 and for all the awesome comments. Comics Rock, and drawing them is sketchtastic!!


Vencys_lao said...


It's very nice!
Issue number two!!

I wanna see more this!!
Let's go buddy!

To infinity and beyond!


Andrew said...

Love the new pages. Lot's of energy in the line work.Gimmi gimmi!

Link said...

Muito Bom!!

I want to read T_T