Thursday, July 31, 2008

day 3 - FLyIN' mONStuR

So if the soldier aint climbing over big monsters what else are they upto? Well...I supppose they could grapple onto one of these wierd things, use them as a way to get from place to place....or just take a ride for fun :)
Really enjoyed these 3 pieces in this theme so far, think that each piece is an improvement on the last....for this one I was lookin at stuff like Walrus's and Coral for reference ideas on the flying creature, and u might just spot some little star fish attached to it's body. Don't think there'll be anything else this week, maybe a small real quick piece like a soldier helmet detail....but back next week! Let me know what u think of these 3 and have a good one!


Boyd's blog! said...

great stuff ross, you definately inspired me to start my blog again! its been almost 2 years since my last post, holy crap! im trying to do a drawing a week from now on.

keep it going tho, its always good to see what the burt is doing when im having a coffee break!

Vencys_lao said...

Woooo \o/

Nice works buddy!
You are coloring in a different way!
This arts are for some new game?

The colors very cool!

is this it!!


Sukh said...

Great composition! I love the view we have of the city and monster down below.

ConfusedArtist said...

Great work as always and thanks for the comment!

Gordon Brown said...

WOW! These 3 pieces are incredible, great to see something completely different from you - very versatile are you hmm. Really like this stuff. Would love to see a well detailed finished concept from the same theme. Great stuff.