Monday, April 27, 2009

Astrofunk 2 Cover Concepts

Back with some Astrofunk issue 2 action this week - I'm almost finished the final version of the cover, but thought I'd stick up some of the work involved in getting there. As you can see, it's changed along the way, the only constant being that right from the initial sketches i knew that i wanted the cover to use the 8bitChick, and preferably show off the 8bit guns themselves, so went doodling crazy. The first page shows where i got to with my first pass, i liked the fact that u saw the scared rabbit and the stickers of the chompatrons, but upon reflection the post just wasn't exciting enough....soooo, i went back to the sketchbook, and came up with the idea of her running towards us with chompatrons by her side, and i think it works much better - there's more energy in the pose, and i think it just reaches out and grabs u more. Or here's hoping anyways - sure you'll let me know if i'm way off the mark :)

Back next week with....something else!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


New character time!

This guy is a new villain for Astrofunk....can't say too much about him without revealing story elements, other than he's a traffic warden in space - with a gunslingin' twist. Developing this guy's been great fun, especially working on his face..trying to get a stylised version of those Gene Hackman wrinkles, and an evil grin, makes u happy to be sitting at a lightbox :) I find creating the reference sheet really useful, even if u think you've know hot to draw a cowboy or whatever, there's always some little nuance u can find....either that or a completely diferent idea! Working on some colour passes next, so more from this guy soon. Oh, and that Astrofunk 2 cover which i's a comin!

Friday, April 03, 2009

More FGN...

Just a quick post coz i gotta run home and make a curry :)

Some more work from Family Game Night, which I've been enjoying getting to grips with on xbox live, especially Connect 4...even though I suck! So if u want an easy win, challenge me :) I got to do a good variety of stuff on this game, and these show some more of the diferent aspects of that - whether it was designing trophies based on the games or creating views that appear outside the games room, or concepting the diferent themes for the room, all great fun.

Next up - I'll have the cover for Astrofunk 2 next week, maybe not finished but at least a sneak peek at the work so far. Until then, adios!