Friday, April 03, 2009

More FGN...

Just a quick post coz i gotta run home and make a curry :)

Some more work from Family Game Night, which I've been enjoying getting to grips with on xbox live, especially Connect 4...even though I suck! So if u want an easy win, challenge me :) I got to do a good variety of stuff on this game, and these show some more of the diferent aspects of that - whether it was designing trophies based on the games or creating views that appear outside the games room, or concepting the diferent themes for the room, all great fun.

Next up - I'll have the cover for Astrofunk 2 next week, maybe not finished but at least a sneak peek at the work so far. Until then, adios!

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Gordon Brown said...

Great to see you postin more work stuff Burt, love the snowman! Great work throughout dude.