Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Family Game Night 360

Back again!
Today sees the release of Hasbro Family Game Night on xbox 360 - so right now u can go online and download the first of the 3 games, Connect 4, Battleships, and Yahztee, along with the gamesroom which comes in a variety of themes. Concepting these themes was one of my main duties on the project, which i worked on for most of last I thought I'd start by sharing just one of these themes - Secret Agent. This was one of the last to be concepted but one of the most enjooyable to work on. You can see from the screenshots that the in-game model turned out pretty close to my concept, and the View concept with the potato walkers is actually used as the in-game texture for the view outside the window. This game was really great for me in stretching my skills into some more realistic enviroment work, and I've got afew more to post up here in the coming weeks.

You can download the room and themes for free and try out trial games, so even if u don't fancy spending pennies on the games u can check out my concept inspired themes :)

Check out info and trailer on the game over at xbox dot com below

Plus check out a selection of screenshots from the game and reviews over at Ign below

FGN ScreenShots

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Gordon Brown said...

Whaaaaat, 3D! Ross how could you, does your pencil know? Frikken awesome robot volcano scene dude, looks ace!