Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SF4 Pics

Quick post - got my SF4 prizes through this morning, so wanted to drop off some quick photos for those that requested it. The US version contains 2 dvd style cases as shown, and as u can see my artwork is found inside the 2nd case containing a soundtrack CD and comic. Apart from the image being a bit more cropped than i would like, it's all pretty dang cool - plus the US game and anime dvd all run on my PAL xbox, so good times :)

D-CON - Thanks to everyone who dropped by the astrofunk stall at D-Con, great to meet lots of new fans and say hi to some old buddies, if you've just picked up the comic then drop me a comment here on whatchya think , your suggestions could help shape issue 2...which i should post more of soon...ish. Keep sketching! ...and playing street fighter...but mainly sketching :)


Timmy H said...

Congratulations Ross, thats amazing. Your famous now! Really really artwork and well deserving of the prize.

Alan Nolan said...

That looks really good man- well done

Must be chuffed to bits