Saturday, January 30, 2010

Funk x 2

And's.....done!! I finally pulled my finger out, knuckled down, stared at my laptop every night, denied myself xbox, sat down and actually finished Astrofunk 2! It's been...well....over a year and a half in the making, but it's now at the printers, and all going well, should be in my hands in a month, and on sale at D-Con!

Soooo, to wet your appetite, as a tastey little starter, here's a look at the cover and first 3 pages...the cover was obviously an important image...looking back at issue 1, I'm really not that happy with the cover, so my goal with this one was to make it more dynamic, put more personality in the main figure, better expression, and just something that jumps out at ya!

The first 3 pages show a diferent view of the Astrofunk world and characters, exploring their lives on earth before they ventured out in to the ever expanding universe....there were some tough challenges for me in these first pages, but it was great fun to draw diferent situations and locations.

Anyway, check it out and lemme know yer thoughts, and if u want to pick up a copy of issue 2 in a months time then just gimme a shout!

Back soon!