Monday, July 30, 2007

Howdy. Quick post tonight, been astrofunkin it up most of the weekend, since my baby aint here yet, so comic is going well, almost finished, now got all 26 pages past the cleanup stage and into photoshop for colour/tone action....and yeah, i added 2 pages, 24 wasn't enough of a challenge :) So pretty soon i should almost have a finished comic, which will feel f******n awesome!
Anyways, just dropped by me old blog to drop off this poster i just finished for the hero dude of astrofunk...hope u likey...almost finished the cover to issue 1 but taking bit longer than i thought due to it being full colour. But I'll stick it on here very soon, so comeback laters for that! Adios!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bit of a filler post this....almost finished a couple of new pin-up type things to stick online here, but trying to finish the actual comic pages is slowing that down, so thought I'd stick up some pics of my working area....making the stickers was fun, hope to get a proper sticker sheet done eventually. Clean-up is going pretty well...infact i now have 23 of the 26 pages of issue 1 in Photoshop, cleaned up, panels layed out, ready for colouring and tonal nonsense :) So the end of astrofunk 1 is almost in my sites...almost

Finally gotten around to sorting out some photos stuck on random memory cards and cameras, so thought I'd stick these up, think I got this done a couple of months wait, may have been at xmas this year is flying past...anyways, just a quick spray job for a mate who calls himself the 'Hogstar' and likes to rockout Guitar Hero style...infact i think i have to thank him for getting me into that game, it's frickin awesome! Recommend it to anybody who can't play guitar but wants to pretend they can rock! :)