Sunday, July 08, 2007

Finally gotten around to sorting out some photos stuck on random memory cards and cameras, so thought I'd stick these up, think I got this done a couple of months wait, may have been at xmas this year is flying past...anyways, just a quick spray job for a mate who calls himself the 'Hogstar' and likes to rockout Guitar Hero style...infact i think i have to thank him for getting me into that game, it's frickin awesome! Recommend it to anybody who can't play guitar but wants to pretend they can rock! :)

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Agnes Fouquart said...

look at this!! how many post have you done until you created your blog!! huhu whoa, such a nice work again around there..amazing staff like usually! i've seen some video from the hp game5 :x god, i had the luck to work on, i'm better than proud! (even if i just did a box^^)can't wait to play him..i will try to come in ea to see what's up like projects..bises fran├žaise au rouquin..