Monday, March 26, 2007

YO! howdy, just droppin in quickly after a weekend of workin on tshirt's a preview of a new design that's gonna be up on Fanboy real soon, i call 'im GIANTBoy ...hope u all likes it, lemme know if u would be seen dead in it or not, coz i could always kill ya....zombies are cool :) anyways, we also have a bundle of new colours of tees for our original designs, plus some sweet hoodys now over on the site


cathcya later! keep drawin!! i know i will :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Bad Bad bad dudes for ya, this here trio are gonna be introduced in the next 4 pages of AstroFunk , and they aint the nicest of peoples....really looking forwards to finishing the pages, and i cant wait for some action to kick in so the 8 bit guns can get some action......anyways, lemme know what u think, and the next update should be actual comic page goodness :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

These are crazy crazy crazy CRAZY NIGHTS!! - kiss it up folks, 4 pages of astrofunkiness for your viewing alive, taking a lot of work this 'make a comic in my spare time' shenanigans, but lovin every minute of it, and almost half way through this issue....deadline is July for finishing the roughly 22 -26 pages, but as u can see that means that my dearly beloved blog here doesn't get updated very frequently....pretty much all i am doing is this comic right now, if i'm not roughing out new pages or colouring up others, then i'm working on a pinup or logo....but, i do have a little pinup of the one and only Peter Parker in full swing ( awesome pun intended ) i should get that up next week....anyways, hope u enjoy these pages, lemme know whatchyall think, and the next 4 should be up real soon, with a bit of a change of scenario....yup, it's bad dude time....see ya in the Future!

oh yeah...why the heck is this font underlined?!? :)