Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Astrofunk is here...well almost....thought I'd share my working on this, i was working on some A3 pages, and they're going well, but obviously take longer to draw the bigger the hot dang paper...anyways, I had an idea the other night for a shorter story, like an AstroFunk intro-taster teaser-thing-umy. Anyways, if your easily bored or don't think comics are awesome, then stop reading now :)

I had a very small rough 2 min idea of the pages on paper, so yesterday morning I got the 3 pages thumbnailed out on post-it notes, workin small and quick

Then I photocopied these up to A4 size, so I can then use them as a guide for working up the pages to the next you can see, there's a couple of changes made at this point, shots that don't quite work ( saved by post it notes again ) but eventually i got there ( i think by this point it's one in the morning and although I'm not yawning I know I should be :)

So that's astrofunk so far...I'm pretty pleased with that as a days spare time stage is cleaning up these pages with the final line, and getting them coloured...although when i say colour it's gonna be pretty much black and white...oh yeah, these pages may become 2+3 instead of 1+2, but whatever numbers they are I should get the finished 3 pages up real soon!

Comics Rock!

Monday, November 27, 2006

HotNewsUpdateStuff!! drawings for now, just an update....over at Fanboy there's now a bunch of new wallpapers up for download, all classic nintendo themed....i would recommend the NES look :)

This just in...check out this new video from talented Scottish director dude , everyone loves a bit of Rocky :) - Limber

Thursday, November 16, 2006

ba-ba ba-ba ba-ba ba-ba, bappa-ba ....bap. Been getting into astrofunk bit more this week, currently working on the first 4 pages on some a3 bristo board at home, so should get those online in very near future...what i gots 4ya today is just some development work on the cover, not final yet , needs tweaked and cleaned a little, but thought i'd drop it into the blog mixer. Lemme know whats u think. Should also get some character sheets up soon. It's a weekend of drawing for me!! Adios muchachos!

Monday, November 06, 2006

rAWK! This weekend, I took some time out from beating the un-living crap out of zombies, and ventured into the big smoke of londinium, only to bump into one of me hero's - Noodle from Gorillaz! I was mesmerized as you can see, i think i was stood like that for 45 minutes :) What a gal!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

bLIMEY! Halloween is past and its November already.....and i slowly edge that little bit closer to actually doing somekinda comic thingy....this is just a bunch of my recenty development sketches for astro funk, i have the first 3 pages pretty much worked out, gonna draw them up very soon hopefuly, just tryin to completely lock down the character style, which has been fun but tuff, not finished yet. But almost there... plus, pretty busy designing tshirts, trying to find a new flat, playing DeAd rISing ( u can pick up a frying pan, stick it on the cooker, let it heat up, then burn the zombies faces!! ) ...but astro funk will happen... u guys need to hassle me more about it :) - tell me i'm a lazy git, kick my ass!