Monday, March 22, 2010

Jet Set Raaaaadio


Just a quick shout out about a new blog I just launced - if you're a fan of the awesome video game series that is Jet Set Radio, then jump over to this link now...


It's the tenth anniversary of the original Dreamcast JSR, a game which zapped me right between the eyes when it first came out, and it's following sequel was my main reason for buying an xbox years later....

Anyways, the idea of the blog is to showcase loads of new artwork by all the massive JSR fans out there, in time for the anniversary this if you fancy putting something together then drop me a comment and I'll add ya to the list!

I'm gonna get to work on my poster shortly, and am looking forwards to trying to draw all of the main cast in one image, but for now here's my Gum flavoured teaser....

Friday, March 12, 2010


What's the matter? ...can't ya talk with a gun in yer mouth? '

..eheheheh, this is just a quick sketch i did last night before dozing off to sleep....I really wanna get drawing a lot more, so hopefully i can have at least one blog post a week from now on...looking back over the last year i didn't produce nearly enough new artwork !

Anyways, The Untouchables is one of my favourite movies, and I've never drawn connery before, so i sketched this out in about 20 mins. Just Pencil n Paper, there's nuthin like it!

..oh, and Ennio Morricone helping me out in the background :)


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Done Dee

D-Conned! I've almost recovered from my awesome weekend in Scotland....D-Con was fantastic, I got to meet lots of cool peeps, had my mind blown by some crazy costumes, got chatted up by a Tie fighter pilot, and sold a good couple of comics, so thanks very much to everyone who dropped by the stall, much appreciated. If you picked up the comic then lemme know whatchya think with a quick comment, you never know, you might just make issue 3 even better than 2!
I picked up a few emails and deviant links, so it'll take me a week or so to get around to replying to everyone, but thanks for the links and I look forward to checkin' out yer stuff.

I also got the chance to do my first ever Astrofunk flavoured interview, and hopefully I'll have a link up here soon to the podcast.

Oh and well done to Branstar who walked off with the street fighter tournament again...comiserations that the prize was yet again another piece of my artwork ;)

Last of all - here's the poster i put together exclusively for D-Con...if you look closely you can just spot the Law hill in the distance, i had alot of fun doing this one, thanks to everyone who picked one up...hope to see you all again next year, which I've no doubt will be even bigger and better!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dundee Calling...

D-CON is almost upon us, so I'm packing up the funk and jumping on a train to Scotland this weekend. Hope to see loads of you there, I'll have both issues of Astrofunk for sale, along with badge packs and a couple of posters, one of which is a brand new image I created exclusively for D-Con, here's a sneak peek....

So come along, grab some comics, play some streetfighter, hang out with some Stormtroopers...just a regular weekend in dundee! kicks off around 2, check out details here


pLUS - you can now pick up a copy of Astrofunk in London at Orbital Comics, just round the corner from Leicester Square.