Friday, March 12, 2010


What's the matter? ...can't ya talk with a gun in yer mouth? '

..eheheheh, this is just a quick sketch i did last night before dozing off to sleep....I really wanna get drawing a lot more, so hopefully i can have at least one blog post a week from now on...looking back over the last year i didn't produce nearly enough new artwork !

Anyways, The Untouchables is one of my favourite movies, and I've never drawn connery before, so i sketched this out in about 20 mins. Just Pencil n Paper, there's nuthin like it!

..oh, and Ennio Morricone helping me out in the background :)



Vencys_lao said...

It's really important to all the blogs.

The Sean Connery is great!

Alan Nolan said...

Are you practising for Connery's inevitable appearance in Astrofunk 3? Nice sketch, great likeness :) Untounchables is great!

Ed Blackburn said...

Just like a Ross to bring a pencil to a pen fight!!