Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dundee Calling...

D-CON is almost upon us, so I'm packing up the funk and jumping on a train to Scotland this weekend. Hope to see loads of you there, I'll have both issues of Astrofunk for sale, along with badge packs and a couple of posters, one of which is a brand new image I created exclusively for D-Con, here's a sneak peek....

So come along, grab some comics, play some streetfighter, hang out with some Stormtroopers...just a regular weekend in dundee! kicks off around 2, check out details here


pLUS - you can now pick up a copy of Astrofunk in London at Orbital Comics, just round the corner from Leicester Square.

1 comment:

Rab said...

Hey man, saw you there. Great illustrations by the way. I'll be keeping an eye here :)