Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lady time

Word of the week in sketchclub was 'Vixen' ...thanks Chris :)
Had fun doing this one, good to get back to studying the old female anatomy books. From the sketches you can see she was a bit more tooled up at one point, all samurai sword and grenades, but thought that was a bit cliched, so tried to simplify and make more fun. So the pet gimp came into things, and the hair colour is inspired by vixen - female fox. Anyways, great fun, enjoy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Just a quick portrait, pencil drawing then straight into photoshop....was looking at some russian research for my knight ideas, and came across an old black n white photo of an interesting lookin fellow...based the drawing on his worn face. Added a couple of features like the scar and pinbadge to give a little more interest. Good fun, now it's on to the next sketchclub word.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

101 - Thai Pad Doodles

..and a 47 - crispy duck pancakes :)

just a quick sketch dump - i love doodling little characters and nonsense, and love checking out other peoples random scribbles. So that's why I'm dumping this lot here. Some of these are things I'd like to develop...others definitely not :)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Dark Knight 100!


ok..not THE dark knight, but a knight who is pretty dark :) This is my piece for the sketchclub theme 'knight' that i started with sketches in last post. I think it's turned out ok, what I am pleased with is that working on this has kicked off alot of ideas around the same i really want to develop this character, put more design work into his outfit, and i have afew ideas for other characters in the same expect more Knight action very soon.
- Us sketchclub guys decided to stick all our artistic endeavors in one place, so we now have a group blog - The Uncanny Sketchmen ( catchy eh )'ll see the link over on the right, check it out, what i always love is how you get such a variety of results from the same start point.

Anyways...I am actuall gonna go straight back to painting some more! hmm..what to paint...maybe captain fuzzball...maybe knight...we'll see!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sketch time

Just a quick update...wanted to put up the rough work and pencil line for Biker...originally i sketched out roughs of a huge fat guy skidding on his lil' bike, or a gang of big burly guys on their choppers...but that might've been too much work :)

Also, the second page are roughs for the next sketch club theme 'KNIGHT'...these are just my roughs, I'm working on a final line art at the moment, so that should be up maybe at the weekend. And yes there is more comic stuff coming sometime soon, probably 'Fuzzball' in flavour :)