Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Dark Knight 100!


ok..not THE dark knight, but a knight who is pretty dark :) This is my piece for the sketchclub theme 'knight' that i started with sketches in last post. I think it's turned out ok, what I am pleased with is that working on this has kicked off alot of ideas around the same i really want to develop this character, put more design work into his outfit, and i have afew ideas for other characters in the same expect more Knight action very soon.
- Us sketchclub guys decided to stick all our artistic endeavors in one place, so we now have a group blog - The Uncanny Sketchmen ( catchy eh )'ll see the link over on the right, check it out, what i always love is how you get such a variety of results from the same start point.

Anyways...I am actuall gonna go straight back to painting some more! hmm..what to paint...maybe captain fuzzball...maybe knight...we'll see!


rats78 said...

Nice one Ross. Great composition the dark to light shift. The Knight himself is cool, great scale to him especially set against his adversary.

Charles Goatley said...

Cool stuff. The knight looks amazing. With the green tunic it almost looks like Link is taking a beating! Would love to see more.

Alan Nolan said...

I wish I could think of something practical to say but I like this Ross and er...well I can't think of much to add, well done :)