Saturday, March 31, 2012

Warrior Block-IN

This guy started with the sketch on the far left whilst on the train home the other night...thought I'd show the progression so far, spent a couple of hours tidying it up, then I always block in the basic shape so I can mask off the character and get down to blocking in different material types - I'm not too worried about specific colours at this stage, they will probably change a bit, but it identifies which areas are metals, leathers, wood etc, and allows me to easily select them so they can then get diferent treatments, be it texture overlays or custom brushes or whatever, that helps them read as their diferent material types.  

Aliens pinup is very close to being finished, but ....well, the final stretch is the longest!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Bitch is Back...

...second of my Ripley pin-ups - Currently sketching up the Aliens version, complete with Newt,  and have started thinking about how to do Resurrection also, which I really need to re-watch, been a while. 

Worked out the colour schemes for each poster so they should sit together eventually, been having a lot of fun with these.  Plus all the new Prometheus trailers around right now have me mega excited about anything Aliens esque!  

ps - anyone else read the Dropship Aliens Fanzine in the 90s?   I used to love the fan comic strips and stories, kept me going whilst waiting on this third movie! 

Monday, March 05, 2012

Photoshop LineArt


Finally put together the tutorial I mentioned a few posts ago

Separating Line Art in Photoshop

-  it's pretty old skool now,  but it still works really well, and is still the best method I've seen ( other than obviously drawing straight in with yer wacom or cintique! )   But once u do this a couple of times it's easy and quick, so thanks to Pete Clark for teaching me this in College all those years ago!!

Thursday, March 01, 2012


Started a little Ripley doodle on my Cintique lunch break the other day, and it somehow turned into this ....gonna do some tweaks to my previous Aliens pinup, very slight, and the Alien 3 pinup is also underway. 

Although i am distracted right now by the Jet Set Radio graffiti contest!