Saturday, March 31, 2012

Warrior Block-IN

This guy started with the sketch on the far left whilst on the train home the other night...thought I'd show the progression so far, spent a couple of hours tidying it up, then I always block in the basic shape so I can mask off the character and get down to blocking in different material types - I'm not too worried about specific colours at this stage, they will probably change a bit, but it identifies which areas are metals, leathers, wood etc, and allows me to easily select them so they can then get diferent treatments, be it texture overlays or custom brushes or whatever, that helps them read as their diferent material types.  

Aliens pinup is very close to being finished, but ....well, the final stretch is the longest!


embedded design said...

wow nice sketch...

Ken said...

love seeing other artists techniques, thanks for sharing!

Hope youre good btw.