Sunday, May 13, 2012


Howdy folks!  Finally fnished my Ripley Trilogy.  After finishing ALIENS I decided to go back and slightly tweak the first two, hence the posting of the new versions here.   Mainly Alien 3, tweaked her face and hair a little, and alligned text and boring stuff like that!  Decided to drop Newt out of this new one, keep the focus on Sigourney, plus it meant I could make use of the tracking device.  Pleased with how this one turned out, maybe the best of the likenesses.  Now I'm working on a Prometheus pinup...should be done in a couple of days, so back in a week or so with that!


Anonymous said...

Are you selling these? I'd really love a set of these prints.

Jay said...

Incredible! I would buy some Prints of those!

Ross Dearsley said...

Woah! Only just seen these - I love them. Fantastic work Ross! Jonesey in the carry case is cool :¬)

I would definitely buy your graphic adaptations of this trilogy!