Tuesday, February 17, 2009


News just in - the human torch was denied a bank loan today. :)

In other news, I was lucky enough to have my Street Fighter entry selected as one of six finalists which will each appear in diferent versions of the game. It's amazing to be up there with the 5 other fantastic pieces, there's some truly awesome artwork - you can check all 6 out here at the capcom blog


It was great fun working on a pic for one of my favourite video games series of all time, so I'm pretty excited to see it out there - the entries are each on inside covers of the dvd/game cases - my entry is on the inside of the anime disc in the Xbox360 Collectors Edition

Anyways, some guys requested desktop versions of the image, so the two images above are for normal or wide desktops. Now I gotta go play some street fighter!!!

oh - and thanks to Chris and Gordon for feedback whilst i worked on the image, cheers guys!

UPDATE - Looks like the artwork only appears in the US version for anyone keeping an eye out for it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Working away at Astrofunk 2, been making great progress and managed to find a cover design i'm pretty happy with , so might get that up here soon....plus should be some Fuzzball up here soonish too, but in the meantime here's some of that 'roughstuff' that Captain Nolan requested :)
These Chomptastic robots are great fun to draw and appear alot in issue 2, so thought I'd stick some of the roughs up here , plus the initial sketches for page 9+10 of issue 2. These are ususally done at post it size then blown up to A4, and i always enjoy looking back at how a page started....back soon with more Funk!

Oh - Astrofunk and I will be appearing at D-Con, an Anime and Art Convention in Dundee on the 28th Feb, so if yer in the area drop by and say 'howdy' :) see link below for info