Tuesday, March 29, 2011



First of my starwars pics is finally coloured, just been squeezing in the odd hour here and there to gradually work it up. Decided not to clean up the pencils on this one, just coloured straight over, if there's no need then why waste time! Originally had more browns and oranges in chewie and boushh closer to their actual colour schemes, but decided it was more atmospheric and ominous pushing it all more towards the blues and greens of the dark palace. Always loved Leias disguise, fantastic design, and was a great toy when I was....31 ;)
I think I actually got Leia Boushh in a bag of 8 figures for a pound in woolworths all those years ago, when they had surplus stock after Jedi had come out. Happy days!

More astrofunk coming soon maybes, but probably Sy Snootles next! Adios!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Return of the sketches


Just a quick tease of some new sketches that are work in progress....I'm in the middle of three Return of the Jedi sketches, all Jabbas' Palace themed, which is just great fun to draw, and was always one of my favourite moments in the movies, with such a wealth of cool characters. Anyways, been sitting over the lightdesk most evenings, so now just gotta do the photoshop leg of things.....back soon with some finished product!

Monday, March 14, 2011

no Strings Attached

Quick post from a life drawing night last week....

Rowan and I spent a night at the keystone for 'Strings', a life drawing class themed around puppets and mannequins - which meant that there was the odd puppet string thrown over the model, and every song included the words 'puppet','string', 'doll' or...well u get the picture. Needless to say, Cliff Richards 'livin doll' was played too many times!

However, the class was excellent, and yet again it proved the old equation worked.

Sketchbook + Naked ladies x Beer = Awesome.

Drawing turned out pretty well, unfortunately most were too big to scan, so I took photos instead, hence the low average quality of images. Anyways...got Return of the Jedi on, off to draw some StarWars....back in a couple of days with something hairier. :)

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Cold as ice....


I got back in contact with an old comics buddy recently, and wound up with a comic flavoured request - could I fill a 3 page gap in 3 weeks. Black n white, A5...so I thought 'yeah why not'.

A week and a half later I still hadn't nailed the exact story I was gonna draw, and was throwing around about 4 ideas.

Skip to the deadline at the beginning of this week, and those 3 pages had somehow become 8!
Anyway, it was a lot of fun working on a real quick comic project, so I've put the first 3 pages up here...you'll have to wait until the release of the comic to see the rest....it's gonna be part of the second 'Birdsong' anthology, wiht a bunch of short stories by some very talented folks - I'll be sure to put links and details up here when it's out.

Think I've got a digital painting needing finished, so might get onto that now if I get the chance - back real soon with more scribblings! Lemme know what ya think of the Frozen preview...



Friday, March 04, 2011

More sketchbook stuff

Back again! ....

Been trying to draw as much as possible recently, and really enjoying just scribbling away, hence another post of sketchbook random stuff. Again, some of this will remain a sketch, might work up a couple ( the barbarian chick is currently sitting in a half painted state ....one day i might return to her ! )... my forgotten love! :) Most of my sketching these days is on layout paper rather than in actual sketchbooks, i love that i can just tear it out a page and muck about with it, get it on the lightbox, play around more. But I end up with piles of loose sheets of sketches, which is kinda why these sketchbook pages have the layouts I've gone for......currently finishing off a short 8-page comic for an anthology due out soon, so should be posting some of that next week, plus maybe finally some painting stuff. Have a good weekend all!


Pulp Fuzzball

Evening...morning....or wait, it is pretty late, goodnight! I just jumped in my quantum accelerator and vanished, awakened in the past with a mirror image that was not my own, bought this classic Captain Fuzzball comic book, came back to the future via a lightning strike and the help of a perverted hologram and BAM - stuck it up here on the blog. Orrr....I did a quick Captain fuzzball sketch on a lunchbreak a few weeks ago, started playing around with it, limited astrofunk colours palette, retro comic stylings, and ended up with this. Not to say that there's a new Captain Fuzzball comic coming anytime soon, but u never know. This was great fun anyway. Back in the next few days with more comic stuff and some doodles - see ya then! - Ross