Friday, March 04, 2011

More sketchbook stuff

Back again! ....

Been trying to draw as much as possible recently, and really enjoying just scribbling away, hence another post of sketchbook random stuff. Again, some of this will remain a sketch, might work up a couple ( the barbarian chick is currently sitting in a half painted state day i might return to her ! )... my forgotten love! :) Most of my sketching these days is on layout paper rather than in actual sketchbooks, i love that i can just tear it out a page and muck about with it, get it on the lightbox, play around more. But I end up with piles of loose sheets of sketches, which is kinda why these sketchbook pages have the layouts I've gone for......currently finishing off a short 8-page comic for an anthology due out soon, so should be posting some of that next week, plus maybe finally some painting stuff. Have a good weekend all!


1 comment:

Anthony Rosbottom said...

Nice work fella.
I like the fox in the top right corner, though he looks like he's suffering from self-esteem issues.