Tuesday, March 29, 2011



First of my starwars pics is finally coloured, just been squeezing in the odd hour here and there to gradually work it up. Decided not to clean up the pencils on this one, just coloured straight over, if there's no need then why waste time! Originally had more browns and oranges in chewie and boushh closer to their actual colour schemes, but decided it was more atmospheric and ominous pushing it all more towards the blues and greens of the dark palace. Always loved Leias disguise, fantastic design, and was a great toy when I was....31 ;)
I think I actually got Leia Boushh in a bag of 8 figures for a pound in woolworths all those years ago, when they had surplus stock after Jedi had come out. Happy days!

More astrofunk coming soon maybes, but probably Sy Snootles next! Adios!



Matt said...

That looks AWESOME!

Patrick Leyendecker said...

really like your sketches