Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Cold as ice....


I got back in contact with an old comics buddy recently, and wound up with a comic flavoured request - could I fill a 3 page gap in 3 weeks. Black n white, I thought 'yeah why not'.

A week and a half later I still hadn't nailed the exact story I was gonna draw, and was throwing around about 4 ideas.

Skip to the deadline at the beginning of this week, and those 3 pages had somehow become 8!
Anyway, it was a lot of fun working on a real quick comic project, so I've put the first 3 pages up'll have to wait until the release of the comic to see the's gonna be part of the second 'Birdsong' anthology, wiht a bunch of short stories by some very talented folks - I'll be sure to put links and details up here when it's out.

Think I've got a digital painting needing finished, so might get onto that now if I get the chance - back real soon with more scribblings! Lemme know what ya think of the Frozen preview...




Sarah said...

Love the pacman cake! Looks good :-)

João Igor said...
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Vencys_lao said...

The premise of this story is good, and leaves us puzzled wondering what will happen after the character open that lid. And by the way, is not no good thing.
The line is awesome, too.

I hope to see more this comics.