Friday, October 27, 2006


Woo!! Thought I'd let you all know that the new Fanboy website is up and running! Two of our t-shirts are currently available to purchase, with a couple more designs coming very soon, plus there's free desktops, and a forum were trying to get up and running , so feel free to jump over there and post any sorts of gaming news.

I'll keep this site updated with when new stuff gets thrown up on Fanboy, and apologies for my crap modelling of the t-shirts :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mornin' all. Bit of messin about this week, not had loadsa spare time, but managed to find a spare hour or two to knock this up quickly. I finally got around to reading the orignal Philip K Dick book 'Do androids dream of Electric Sheep' , which was great, quite diferent to Blade Runner in some areas, but really enjoyable. Anyway, just some photoshop fun at the end of a workin day :)

In other news.... :) Finally updated my website with a link to this page, so the two sites are connected! ..although i havent really updated the website with any new content as such, just a lil' animated link....if u wanna see it u may have to clear your history and stuff first, firefox seems to not like it otherwise :) -

Friday, October 20, 2006

This week...i 'ave bin mostly :) been a busy one at work this week, so practically no sketching dun, but did have a birthday card to do ( warning: cuteness within ) and managed to make a little bit of progress texturing my lil' robot and his walkdog. So hopefully get him finished soon and actually get some drawing done - one the train tonight to scotland again, so no excuses if i dont have anythign to show next week :)

have a gooood weekend!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

October already, so that hopefully means i have a halloween party to make a costume for soon.... as for this week, been trying to fix a broken pc, funnily enough crayons weren't much use so it aint going fast....but i have salvaged afew things from my old hard drive, one of which is this Lil'robot guy and his Dog ( i'll be your dog, a boogy boogy woogy boogy ), a dog that happens to be a walkman, cassette style....anyways , so i started this guy a couple of months or so ago, but never got him finished, so this here is the state he's in now...almost dun with the model, gotta unwrap all of him before i apply that smooth button :) which you can see i've dun test runs for on the heavier mesh. Should hopefuly have him textured real soon, then gonna just chuck him in some illustration stuff at first, maybe animate him eventually one day far away.....

oh, i may have to give him a skateboard or rollerblades :)