Thursday, February 17, 2011


..ONLY FOR U!...

.the passions that collide in me, wild abandon something something...

gotta love Bond themes!

anyway....listening to some Bond classics as I finally post some new artwork. Been pretty slack this year, but I have been scribbling a lot, so I figrued I'd put some of those together into a little sketchbook sheet. Some of these may make it further, some will perish in history! But I'm trying to draw as much as possible, and really enjoying it, got a ton of ideas going on but isn't that the fun ? Juggling all the crazy stuff?!?

Always have an escape plan :)


Thursday, February 10, 2011


Howdy folks - Just a quick note to say I have zero copies left of Issue 2 of ASTROFUNK! Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy, muchos appreciated. Hopefully I will get more of issue 2 re-printed soon, but at the moment you'll have to make do with ordering issue 1 if youwant any funk - of which I still have a few copies left.

But fear not - if you're desperate for an Astrofunk flavoured fix you can still download the online edition of Issue 1 from SuperRealDigital at the link below

Super Real Digital - Astrofunk 1

Issue 2 will also be available for download there real soon!

As for issue 3 - I've been doodling some Astrofunk recently, so you never know, it might happen in the near future..... I'll be getting a lot more artwork up here in the next few weeks anyways, so check back in with the sketchtasticness real soon! Adios!