Friday, December 21, 2007

'ello ! Hope your all off on holiday now for the festive season...this will be my last post of the year, just a quicky....started drawing up a couple of posters that i aim to put on sale with the launch of astrofunk issue 1....which should hopefully be around march....afew bits n bobs to tidyup, but it will be going off to the printers very soon, can't wait. Anyways, these posters have been great fun, the drawings are pretty rough at the moment, but that's the kinda stuff i love to see, so u can see how it progresses....gonna try to finish them off over the xmas break, or at leats get them a good ways in.....when i'm not eating/drinking/playing connect 4 ! Have a great xmas everyone, see ya next year - with an actual astrofunk comic!! no really! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

's great to get back to life drawing, so i thought i'd post my attempts at remembering how to draw naked peoples, and not just stand and stare. It was great fun, we got 3 hours and a variety of poses, although i always seem to do better with the quick 6 min stuff where i have no time to think, than the longer poses :)
Anyways, good to keep it up, back with some more astrofunk updates in a couple of days

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

cover yourself up!

sorry . no nakedness here :) only the finished cover for astrofunk numero uno. Finally :) ....well, i have been concentrating on the pages, which are now pretty much finished, couple of little tweaks from some feedback, but basically done, which feels pretty this thing should be sent out real soon. Also. i've done some more rough pages ( and i mean rough ) for astrofunk 2, got about 5 or 6 in sequence, so will probs post some of that soon, along with the work i'm doing on my 'next issue' page for issue 1, giving u a better look at mockchop and chompbot. But anyways, let me know what u think of this cover, would it make you buy the comic, catch your eye on the shelf...or does it make u wanna vomit? all comments welcome...well, most of them :)

oh yeah - u wanna go and buy the new scott pilgrim comic, issue 4 is out this week, and i cannot wait, it's a tremendous read with fantastic art, well worth pickin up.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

poster in progress

Evenin' all, just thought i'd post a quick update, poster idea i've been wanting to start working on....there's alot to do before this is finished, all the comic panel layouts could change possibly, but i'm pleased with some...hopefully it'll end up as a big poster at some convention in the near future :) lemme knows what u think, sleep times 4me now, goodnight!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Bonsoir! I'm tryin to make the effort to get back to posting stuff regularly here, inbetween finishing astrofunk 1 and changing nappies/singing to here's some new stuff to stick infront of yer eyes for afew seconds, give 'em a treat :) ..if u start to cry it's probably not a good sign :) ....the rabbit is a sticker that gets thrown around by the heroes in astrofunk, and the tag on the end is painted by them, and my latest attempt at graffiti, which i find pretty tough but good fun. The lil' guy in the middle is the not quite final design for some dudes who will show up shortly in the first half of astrofunk 2! He's either called 'ChompBot' or 'Chompatron'. Not decided yet :) but he'll be causing trouble no doubt....

Astorfunk 1 is....sooo very nearly finished, the 26 page main story just needs...well, something like 3 hours of work, tops. So i'm feelin good about that, getting some feedback from fellow comic book artistic style buddies this week, so hopefully by the end of the following week it will be winging it's way to publishers across the waters in the US of A. Whilst it's away I'll be finishing the colouring on the Captain Fuzzball back up story which you've glimpsed in my previous 2 posts...wish i could post more of the 9 pages which are all pencilled, but it would give away too much of the story...i wanna leave that for when the comic is in your hands! Which is hopefully early next year!!

Plus, i am scripting/sketching astrofunk 2 some more, so expect to see pencils for that up here very soon! I can't wait, it opens with brand new characters, so is great fun to this space!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

laugh it up fuzzball

...thought i'd get back into this posting stuff regularly malarky ( there's a word i don't use enough ), so here's the pencils for the next 2 pages of captain fuzzball and the rumble of dooooooooom. :) I've got the following two pages also at this stage, so all it takes is getting these coloured and finishing the last page or two - still not sure if i can finish the punch line in one page or two, but figuring that out will be fun :) . I'm also crackin on with the tiny last touches to the final pages of astrofunk, so that i can finally send it out to publishers and the like. More soon!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

HOT DANG DIGGITY DOG its been too long. Having a baby sure slows down blog posting :)

So here's a couple of pages from the short back up story that will appear in Astrofunk #1. These pages are about 80 percent finished, just a little more to do, but wanted to get something up here, so let me know what u think. The stories for fuzzball are gonna be pretty short and hopefully pretty funny, this one is 7 or 8 pages, and i've really enjoyed working on it. I used to love calvin and wait, i still do :) so that's been a big inspiration, and i wanted to change the style of colouring and come up with something i could do quickly, so the dotted colouring look worked well for both those areas. Anyways, it'll be finished soon and i might even stick the whole story up here. Also should have a finished cover design up , gonna try to post more regularly again, now that i am getting a bit more sleep :) gimme yer thoughts folks!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Hey u crazy doods....I'm squeezing in time between changing nappies to post sumthin up here quickly...been trying to finalize a cover design for issue 1 of the funk, got 2 designs here which i think are working pretty well...i slapped these together reasonably quickly, so still lots to do to take one to a final stage...anyways, hit me with feedback on anything u think isn't workin or could be stronger. now i'm gonna boost back to some photoshop sketchin' whilst Elliot gets fed and hopefully sleeps for a couple of hours :)


Friday, August 03, 2007

this is where we begin

...this is Elliot. Born 11.30 am on friday, third of August 2007, on a gorgeous sunny day in Guildford. He's an absolute belter, and i have the craziest feeling of euphoric natural high wierdness :) i already have a spiderman costume for when he is 1.5 yrs old, so this kid is 'Lucky' ( napoleon dynamite voice ). Anyways, i spent the afternoon drawing him whilst his amazing mother got some much needed and deserved sleep. It's only a photo of the sketch, i left the pad at the hospital, so its not great quality...but i can't wait to stick it online, so i'll probs update with a better quality scan in a couple of days. So this really is where it begins, and I'm sure you'll be seeing alot more of this little guy on the blog.

Dad out :)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Howdy. Quick post tonight, been astrofunkin it up most of the weekend, since my baby aint here yet, so comic is going well, almost finished, now got all 26 pages past the cleanup stage and into photoshop for colour/tone action....and yeah, i added 2 pages, 24 wasn't enough of a challenge :) So pretty soon i should almost have a finished comic, which will feel f******n awesome!
Anyways, just dropped by me old blog to drop off this poster i just finished for the hero dude of astrofunk...hope u likey...almost finished the cover to issue 1 but taking bit longer than i thought due to it being full colour. But I'll stick it on here very soon, so comeback laters for that! Adios!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bit of a filler post this....almost finished a couple of new pin-up type things to stick online here, but trying to finish the actual comic pages is slowing that down, so thought I'd stick up some pics of my working area....making the stickers was fun, hope to get a proper sticker sheet done eventually. Clean-up is going pretty well...infact i now have 23 of the 26 pages of issue 1 in Photoshop, cleaned up, panels layed out, ready for colouring and tonal nonsense :) So the end of astrofunk 1 is almost in my sites...almost

Finally gotten around to sorting out some photos stuck on random memory cards and cameras, so thought I'd stick these up, think I got this done a couple of months wait, may have been at xmas this year is flying past...anyways, just a quick spray job for a mate who calls himself the 'Hogstar' and likes to rockout Guitar Hero style...infact i think i have to thank him for getting me into that game, it's frickin awesome! Recommend it to anybody who can't play guitar but wants to pretend they can rock! :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

hey folks...just a quick update, don't post stuff nearly as regularly as i would like to these days, so thought i'd drop in some sketches. This stuff is cover work...pretty happy with the way the right sketch is going, gonna play around cleaning up with some markery felt tip style action. Comic wise, currently working on pages 16/17, so it's getting there...a little behind schedule, but going well....need to find time to finish that spidey pic also , dang it :) Too many visitors coming to check out Pregatron these days, she is pretty big...five weeks to go! As u can see from the sketches, I've also been fiddling around with fonts and logos...those are still in development, but i like the idea of using the rabbit face...also working on a couple of pin-ups still....sooo much to do. Gotta crack on, adios!!

Friday, May 25, 2007


man alive, it just takes a little thing like a 30th anniversary to remind u how much u love the starwars! soo goood, absolutley loved return of the jedi when i was younger, all those crazy aliens and creatures...jabbas palace was an amazing and scary place for a 5 year old....heck, it still is at 28 :) ...anyways, i couldnt let the 30th anniversary of sw slip by without doing some kinda i knocked this up quickly on my lunch break, a quick little birthday card from me to george ;)
Hopefully i will get the chance in the next couple of weeks to do a proper starwars pick that i can spend more time on, really wanna draw a biker scout, i loved the speeder bikes....

fly casual!

Friday, May 18, 2007

da-da-da DAAAAAAA.......bababa bap ba ( bada bada ba badap baaaa ) -Spiderman, and his amazing friends!

..or something like that, every saturday morning before i had to go on the weekly food shop with my folks, i would sit infront of the tv glued to that cartoon...awesome show, loved the theme tune, fire star and iceman were cool, and their appartment with the secret statue switch was awesome :) I still remember drawing lots of spidey pics back then, particularly one with the lizard....I'll have to pester the folks to see if they still have any to stick up here.....anyways, still lovin the spiderman, saw spidey 3 last week, and it really doesnt deserve all the bad reviews. It might not blow u away as much as the first 2, and sure there are a couple of weak moments ( english news reporter = paaaaiiin ) but overall it's still a great movie which i really enjoyed, there's some awesome geeky moments.

anyways, been wanting to do a spidey pic for a while, so finally got round to colouring this's no where near finished yet, and the background is essentially just a scaled-up post it note sketch, but goin well so far i think! Hope it gets all yer spidey senses tingling! :)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Sleep..need sleep..but must post this first :) Just finished another 3 pages of Astrofunk, and these are gonna be the last full pages I put online for a good while. Mainly cuz I want to try and get the 24 page issue finished this summer, get it published somehow, then flog it to all of u lovely people :) Or any punter that will part with there hard earned cash for comic goodness. Anyways, I got alot of pages to go draw/colour, so here's 10 through 12, let me know what u think, I'll be back soon with a new pin up or 2 and some sticker action.

Monday, March 26, 2007

YO! howdy, just droppin in quickly after a weekend of workin on tshirt's a preview of a new design that's gonna be up on Fanboy real soon, i call 'im GIANTBoy ...hope u all likes it, lemme know if u would be seen dead in it or not, coz i could always kill ya....zombies are cool :) anyways, we also have a bundle of new colours of tees for our original designs, plus some sweet hoodys now over on the site


cathcya later! keep drawin!! i know i will :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Bad Bad bad dudes for ya, this here trio are gonna be introduced in the next 4 pages of AstroFunk , and they aint the nicest of peoples....really looking forwards to finishing the pages, and i cant wait for some action to kick in so the 8 bit guns can get some action......anyways, lemme know what u think, and the next update should be actual comic page goodness :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

These are crazy crazy crazy CRAZY NIGHTS!! - kiss it up folks, 4 pages of astrofunkiness for your viewing alive, taking a lot of work this 'make a comic in my spare time' shenanigans, but lovin every minute of it, and almost half way through this issue....deadline is July for finishing the roughly 22 -26 pages, but as u can see that means that my dearly beloved blog here doesn't get updated very frequently....pretty much all i am doing is this comic right now, if i'm not roughing out new pages or colouring up others, then i'm working on a pinup or logo....but, i do have a little pinup of the one and only Peter Parker in full swing ( awesome pun intended ) i should get that up next week....anyways, hope u enjoy these pages, lemme know whatchyall think, and the next 4 should be up real soon, with a bit of a change of scenario....yup, it's bad dude time....see ya in the Future!

oh yeah...why the heck is this font underlined?!? :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hey guys - AstroFunk Pinup time, still working on another based on the two roughs posted previously, but this one kinda distracted me for a couple of that this is done ( and now that I have finished Twilight Princess , best game ever ) I can crack on with finishing another bundle of pages...lemme know what u think of the pin-up, I want to get more done for individual characters like this.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ahoy there! Couple of small updates, all astrofunk flavoured. Currently in the middle of cleaning up pages 6 and 7 , and working up the next few pages after that...but I wanted to re-work the cover design, and that got me into thinking about getting a pin-up done, one image that kinda showed off the main characters got a couple of designs here that I'm gonna cleanup and probably colour, the one on the right will be first as I've already got that ready for colouring.....the photo was me trying to create a stencil for an astrofunk went pretty well, that's my second attempt, but could probably do with afew tweaks. More pages of the funk coming soon, adios!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Hi, as promised, pages 4 and 5 of the astro flavoured funk are now up, enjoy and hit me with the feedback, i gotta go get crackin on the next 3 pages, I've been workin on the story and this is lookin like a full size issue now with roughly 20 pages...dang! :) - Comictastic!!!

If you haven't checked out the first 3 pages, then scroll down before u click on these two, cheers.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ok, not really anything to do with sketching in the slightest, but this I'm just a tiny bit excited about this and have had a bundle of requests to get a peek at this anyways, this is my 13 week old kiddo, currently dancing away in my amazing girlfriends this scan on thursday, crazy stuff, looks like their gonna be a dancer, little arms and legs were going crazy. Looking forwards to when the bump is bigger and i can play them lottsa stevie wonder, get it all funked up before it arrives :)

So I'd better try to finish AstroFunk before July 20th then ;) oh, and pages 4 and 5 are gonna be online on wednesday....c u then!

Friday, January 05, 2007


Woo!! Finally got pages 1 to 3 of AstroFunk done, after a big push last night. I'm pretty pleased with the results, and am looking forwards to finishing off this story....i reckon it's probably about 10 to 15 pages max, but there shouldn't be as much of a wait for the rest of it, pages 4 and 5 will be up in just over a week, then the rest should trickle through gradually. I have a couple of other astrofunk flavoured story ideas, so once this one's dun there's plenty more i wanna get straight into.

Anyways, feels good to have some comic stuff dun, i was thinkin' about it recently, and drawing comics is something I've been doing pretty much forever, i mean i was always drawing when i was growing up, but every now and again i would try to draw a short comic, and sticky tape it together to show to my friends. Basically i flippin love comics, and i hope you enjoy astrofunk! :)


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy years beginningness! Hope you all had a great holiday, i personally was too busy eating and drinking to even think about drawing, so no sketches today :) However i did find time to play a little of my new Wii console, and there's nuthin more fun than creating your mii persona and battering each other at the sports here's a glimpse at my wierd holidays, that's my brother in law, my sister, me, and the missus ( to be ) , who it turns out is an amazing boxer! Unbeatable! ..hopefully i will have a video up here later today or tomorrow of our crazy boxing antics....

ayways, hope your all full of energy for lots of 07 sketching! My first 3 comic pages are so close to being dun that i can taste the finish i hope to have them up this week! Anyways, i'm having a lot of fun doing them, comics rock my wii world. I think i will also stick up a quick guide to what comics i am picking up these days, there's alot of awesome stuff out there that i gots to recommend!

See ya real soon for some Astro Funk action!!