Friday, January 05, 2007


Woo!! Finally got pages 1 to 3 of AstroFunk done, after a big push last night. I'm pretty pleased with the results, and am looking forwards to finishing off this story....i reckon it's probably about 10 to 15 pages max, but there shouldn't be as much of a wait for the rest of it, pages 4 and 5 will be up in just over a week, then the rest should trickle through gradually. I have a couple of other astrofunk flavoured story ideas, so once this one's dun there's plenty more i wanna get straight into.

Anyways, feels good to have some comic stuff dun, i was thinkin' about it recently, and drawing comics is something I've been doing pretty much forever, i mean i was always drawing when i was growing up, but every now and again i would try to draw a short comic, and sticky tape it together to show to my friends. Basically i flippin love comics, and i hope you enjoy astrofunk! :)


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Tim Holleyman said...

Nice one Ross!!! I like it! cool characters, I look forward to your updates.