Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Hi, as promised, pages 4 and 5 of the astro flavoured funk are now up, enjoy and hit me with the feedback, i gotta go get crackin on the next 3 pages, I've been workin on the story and this is lookin like a full size issue now with roughly 20 pages...dang! :) - Comictastic!!!

If you haven't checked out the first 3 pages, then scroll down before u click on these two, cheers.


Rowan Dewar said...

Loads of cool angles, I like it how a couple of your pages are just one picture - giving the shot alot of importance.
You already know what I think of the colours! - all the grey and white makes it look quite cold.
Looking good though. Your rabbit popping out the hole made me laugh.

Alan MacEachern said...

firstly... congratulations!!
brilliant stuff.

Comic is looking sweet and i'm enjoying those juicy pinks.

looking forward to seeing more