Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy years beginningness! Hope you all had a great holiday, i personally was too busy eating and drinking to even think about drawing, so no sketches today :) However i did find time to play a little of my new Wii console, and there's nuthin more fun than creating your mii persona and battering each other at the sports here's a glimpse at my wierd holidays, that's my brother in law, my sister, me, and the missus ( to be ) , who it turns out is an amazing boxer! Unbeatable! ..hopefully i will have a video up here later today or tomorrow of our crazy boxing antics....

ayways, hope your all full of energy for lots of 07 sketching! My first 3 comic pages are so close to being dun that i can taste the finish i hope to have them up this week! Anyways, i'm having a lot of fun doing them, comics rock my wii world. I think i will also stick up a quick guide to what comics i am picking up these days, there's alot of awesome stuff out there that i gots to recommend!

See ya real soon for some Astro Funk action!!

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HelldorinStudio said...

forever wii !!