Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ahoy there! Couple of small updates, all astrofunk flavoured. Currently in the middle of cleaning up pages 6 and 7 , and working up the next few pages after that...but I wanted to re-work the cover design, and that got me into thinking about getting a pin-up done, one image that kinda showed off the main characters well....so got a couple of designs here that I'm gonna cleanup and probably colour, the one on the right will be first as I've already got that ready for colouring.....the photo was me trying to create a stencil for an astrofunk logo....it went pretty well, that's my second attempt, but could probably do with afew tweaks. More pages of the funk coming soon, adios!


Matt said...

nice sketches brother, like them very much indeed. will need to phone you soon, oh untill then im sure youll like this cut out optimus prime: http://smpenterprisesllc.com/flash/

R A B said...

that link doesn't give me access hot dang, says I'm not authorised. How dare u tease me with prime chunks of goodness!

Matt said...

oh, well i just checked it on my mac at college and its workin fine, try typing in into your browser rather than copy and paste, should do the trick.