Sunday, January 27, 2008


remember this little design ....Giantboy rampaging through the 8 bit cityblocks....well, i tweaked it up , and now i've submitted it to, in the hope that enough folks will vote on it, then we can all wear it and i get some moola to put towards publishing astrofunk! everyone's a winner! :) so if u like the design, get over to threadless now by clicking on the thumbnail link below , it's only gonna get printed up if enough folks vote. Thanks, and back soon with more astrofunk!!
My Submission

Friday, January 18, 2008

2008! WOO!

hEY hEY hEY!! it's 2008! happy new year to all!! hope everyone had a great xmas break....hopefully this year is gonna involve alot of exciting developments in the world of Astrofunk...and here's the first to kick it off! You saw the sketches in my last post of a couple of posters...well over christmas i manage to squeeze the odd couple of hours here and there, and here's the result! This is the first of two posters that i hope to get printed and sell at launch with Astrofunk issue 1...which is pretty much ready to go!! I'll be sending the 44 page first issue off to get a Proof printed in the next week or two, and from there hopefully it's all goooood!! So, let me know what u think of this poster, and whether u would even consider stickin it on yer wall! I've got loads more coming soon, so get back here soon, hopefully for details on how to buy ASTROFUNK 1!! HOT DIGGITY DANG! :)