Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Astrofunk is here...well almost....thought I'd share my working on this, i was working on some A3 pages, and they're going well, but obviously take longer to draw the bigger the hot dang paper...anyways, I had an idea the other night for a shorter story, like an AstroFunk intro-taster teaser-thing-umy. Anyways, if your easily bored or don't think comics are awesome, then stop reading now :)

I had a very small rough 2 min idea of the pages on paper, so yesterday morning I got the 3 pages thumbnailed out on post-it notes, workin small and quick

Then I photocopied these up to A4 size, so I can then use them as a guide for working up the pages to the next you can see, there's a couple of changes made at this point, shots that don't quite work ( saved by post it notes again ) but eventually i got there ( i think by this point it's one in the morning and although I'm not yawning I know I should be :)

So that's astrofunk so far...I'm pretty pleased with that as a days spare time stage is cleaning up these pages with the final line, and getting them coloured...although when i say colour it's gonna be pretty much black and white...oh yeah, these pages may become 2+3 instead of 1+2, but whatever numbers they are I should get the finished 3 pages up real soon!

Comics Rock!

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