Wednesday, November 01, 2006

bLIMEY! Halloween is past and its November already.....and i slowly edge that little bit closer to actually doing somekinda comic thingy....this is just a bunch of my recenty development sketches for astro funk, i have the first 3 pages pretty much worked out, gonna draw them up very soon hopefuly, just tryin to completely lock down the character style, which has been fun but tuff, not finished yet. But almost there... plus, pretty busy designing tshirts, trying to find a new flat, playing DeAd rISing ( u can pick up a frying pan, stick it on the cooker, let it heat up, then burn the zombies faces!! ) ...but astro funk will happen... u guys need to hassle me more about it :) - tell me i'm a lazy git, kick my ass!

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Boyd's blog! said...

hey ross, astro funk is fecking great! lovin that monkey

yeah, iv got dead rising too, but never really play it, im on live arcade all the time.playin lumines at the good!