Wednesday, October 17, 2007

laugh it up fuzzball

...thought i'd get back into this posting stuff regularly malarky ( there's a word i don't use enough ), so here's the pencils for the next 2 pages of captain fuzzball and the rumble of dooooooooom. :) I've got the following two pages also at this stage, so all it takes is getting these coloured and finishing the last page or two - still not sure if i can finish the punch line in one page or two, but figuring that out will be fun :) . I'm also crackin on with the tiny last touches to the final pages of astrofunk, so that i can finally send it out to publishers and the like. More soon!


Vencys_lao said...

Hello Buddy!

His drawings are very beautiful!
You designed with tablet or drawing will hand?

This is amazing!
I always visiting your blog!

See ya

Vencys_lao said...

Hi Ross!!
What's Up?

Thank you for visiting my blog and comment!

You told me what drew their attention more on my gear, then you say what drew me to attention in their gear! hahaha!

Let the comments!
I liked much of his sketches! Me showed great strength!
His art-final is fantastic!
You are very original in their creations and have style!
The characters are very charismatic. And attract me to see for a long time. This is cool!!!

Continue this strength! You have a brightness and does resplendent!

This is how it is done!


See ya!

Urban Barbarian said...

Tremendous work here! Great variety too! Plus, that avatar of yours cracks me up!