Wednesday, October 10, 2007

HOT DANG DIGGITY DOG its been too long. Having a baby sure slows down blog posting :)

So here's a couple of pages from the short back up story that will appear in Astrofunk #1. These pages are about 80 percent finished, just a little more to do, but wanted to get something up here, so let me know what u think. The stories for fuzzball are gonna be pretty short and hopefully pretty funny, this one is 7 or 8 pages, and i've really enjoyed working on it. I used to love calvin and wait, i still do :) so that's been a big inspiration, and i wanted to change the style of colouring and come up with something i could do quickly, so the dotted colouring look worked well for both those areas. Anyways, it'll be finished soon and i might even stick the whole story up here. Also should have a finished cover design up , gonna try to post more regularly again, now that i am getting a bit more sleep :) gimme yer thoughts folks!


rats78 said...

yo yo...fucking sweet.

nice palette (did i spell that right?). Luv the savage bunny jumping through the snow.

S'all good dude

Vencys_lao said...


Your work is AMAZINGGGGGG buddy!!!

This is cool!!

See ya!

Alan Nolan said...

I like this a lot. Nice line, has a lot of energy...must get drawing soon!