Wednesday, November 14, 2007

cover yourself up!

sorry . no nakedness here :) only the finished cover for astrofunk numero uno. Finally :) ....well, i have been concentrating on the pages, which are now pretty much finished, couple of little tweaks from some feedback, but basically done, which feels pretty this thing should be sent out real soon. Also. i've done some more rough pages ( and i mean rough ) for astrofunk 2, got about 5 or 6 in sequence, so will probs post some of that soon, along with the work i'm doing on my 'next issue' page for issue 1, giving u a better look at mockchop and chompbot. But anyways, let me know what u think of this cover, would it make you buy the comic, catch your eye on the shelf...or does it make u wanna vomit? all comments welcome...well, most of them :)

oh yeah - u wanna go and buy the new scott pilgrim comic, issue 4 is out this week, and i cannot wait, it's a tremendous read with fantastic art, well worth pickin up.

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