Wednesday, November 21, 2007

's great to get back to life drawing, so i thought i'd post my attempts at remembering how to draw naked peoples, and not just stand and stare. It was great fun, we got 3 hours and a variety of poses, although i always seem to do better with the quick 6 min stuff where i have no time to think, than the longer poses :)
Anyways, good to keep it up, back with some more astrofunk updates in a couple of days


Anonymous said...

Very good, the pictures on the right in particular. lot's of energy.

Your really lucky getting life drawing at your work

x x

Ken said...

Solid work! Cool blog will be back for more.

Vencys_lao said...

Owwww... pictures Cool!

Other style Of Ross Burt!! hehehe


See ya

rats78 said...

nice stuff spurt.

captured the lighting well, lovely highlights.

Gordon Brown said...

Nice sense of weight in the drawings dude, good to see some hardcore proper art ;)

Anonymous said...


Vencys_lao said...

Woo, i visit your website, it is very smart and funny!!!
Very funny the animation in the beginning!

I saw who you do the animation of the Game of Harry Potter Quidittch World CUp! I have this game!!

Congratulation my Buddy!
Have a nice week!