Friday, December 21, 2007

'ello ! Hope your all off on holiday now for the festive season...this will be my last post of the year, just a quicky....started drawing up a couple of posters that i aim to put on sale with the launch of astrofunk issue 1....which should hopefully be around march....afew bits n bobs to tidyup, but it will be going off to the printers very soon, can't wait. Anyways, these posters have been great fun, the drawings are pretty rough at the moment, but that's the kinda stuff i love to see, so u can see how it progresses....gonna try to finish them off over the xmas break, or at leats get them a good ways in.....when i'm not eating/drinking/playing connect 4 ! Have a great xmas everyone, see ya next year - with an actual astrofunk comic!! no really! :)

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rats78 said...

nice work burt...groovy sketches. Dunno why you insist on drawing old men with their nob out tho.

: )