Tuesday, March 13, 2007

These are crazy crazy crazy CRAZY NIGHTS!! - kiss it up folks, 4 pages of astrofunkiness for your viewing pleasure....man alive, taking a lot of work this 'make a comic in my spare time' shenanigans, but lovin every minute of it, and almost half way through this issue....deadline is July for finishing the roughly 22 -26 pages, but as u can see that means that my dearly beloved blog here doesn't get updated very frequently....pretty much all i am doing is this comic right now, if i'm not roughing out new pages or colouring up others, then i'm working on a pinup or logo....but, i do have a little pinup of the one and only Peter Parker in full swing ( awesome pun intended ) ..so i should get that up next week....anyways, hope u enjoy these pages, lemme know whatchyall think, and the next 4 should be up real soon, with a bit of a change of scenario....yup, it's bad dude time....see ya in the Future!

oh yeah...why the heck is this font underlined?!? :)


Matt said...

Hehe, fannyballz... nice.
on a completely different note.. R2D2 mail boxes!

Alan MacEachern said...

Blimey these pages are bloody good! nice work Ross, the tag shot is very nice.

Ross Dearsley said...

Excellent work Ross!

These pages are looking great - really clear action & layout design - cool!

BTW: you obviously got a great deal on the old pink digital paint right? Hope you don't run out ;¬)