Monday, March 26, 2007

YO! howdy, just droppin in quickly after a weekend of workin on tshirt's a preview of a new design that's gonna be up on Fanboy real soon, i call 'im GIANTBoy ...hope u all likes it, lemme know if u would be seen dead in it or not, coz i could always kill ya....zombies are cool :) anyways, we also have a bundle of new colours of tees for our original designs, plus some sweet hoodys now over on the site


cathcya later! keep drawin!! i know i will :)


Anonymous said...

I love giant boy he's cool! My only comment would be that the face and feet don't look as clean and as graphic as the buildings and the game boy. I would perhaps try to match them more stylistically. Love your bad guys too! I like the weird bendy zombie guy with his bendy toes!

R A B said...

cheers mizz stevens, yeah i am gettin some really useful feedback on this tee design, mainly on legs and face tweaks, so excpect to see an updated design in a couple o' weeks

Matt said...

Howdy bro, Lovin Giantboy, heres some fun you should like: