Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Prometheus has landed...

UPDATE! - 23/05 - I realised when looking through my files that somehow I'd lost some of the colour in the poster when making final tweaks, specifically the Blues, so I've updated the main image below  

This started out as a doodle whilst on u may have noticed I do enjoy scribbling the odd movie pinup here or there, I love figuring out the composition and sketching the actors....this started as just an attempt at a landscape style pinup...and I think since I'd been reading Empires prometheus articles that week, the first thing that came out was the space jockey - and suddenly I was like 'oh that could work really well as the main shape in the background.  The rest was basically poses from within the magazine, but trying to go for the feeling of exploring, discovering, using the starmap dude from the trailer.  I think the most exciting thing about this film is the unknown - will it be as awesome as we all hope?  What will they find out there?  How does it actually connect to Alien.  It's only a few weeks away now, and I cannot wait.

Anyways, hope u like this one.  Not sure what's up next, probably some sketch book scribbles I've been scanning in, rough stuff.  Back soon with that!


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Claire Roe said...

wow, very nice. i really like this one. love the composition and colours, especially the lighting from the suits, and the sky. a very mysterious quality.