Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lady time

Word of the week in sketchclub was 'Vixen' ...thanks Chris :)
Had fun doing this one, good to get back to studying the old female anatomy books. From the sketches you can see she was a bit more tooled up at one point, all samurai sword and grenades, but thought that was a bit cliched, so tried to simplify and make more fun. So the pet gimp came into things, and the hair colour is inspired by vixen - female fox. Anyways, great fun, enjoy.


Alan Nolan said...

like it Ross- tricky to comment as your style is graphic and part of the whole thing that's you, the pose is nice but I'd like the hip to be a nice long curve from the rib down to the knee maybe? Curves emphasize feminine-ness, the problem with the pointy graphic look is it might detract, and since we're doing Vixen that says sexy and feminine, to me?

Case in point, look at Bruce Timm, blocky graphic male characters, he practically invented the look but he keeps women curvy and it works together.

This sounds way harsher than I mean it :) I mean I can't even draw!

C.B. Canga said...

very nice work. such a cool and interesting style you have. i like it a lot. keep up the great work. talk to you more later.

Arthur Mirzoyan said...

Very strong and expressive work!!!