Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Ok , so I know I'm in the middle of a Street fighter painting....but i started doodling my faovurite thundercat on the train back home, and couldn't stop! :) I did get the sf pic almost finished, so it will probably go up tonight or tomorrow, but for now here's what i've been upto for most of my day....aah, sweet drawing days.

This drawing is for a couple of people - firstly me, I love Thundercats, and it's about time i did a colour piece of one of those cool cats.....and secondly for my little bro, who is also a big fan, particularly of this guy. Hope u like it big guy! ( aint it a pain when you're little brother is bigger than u ) :)

Anyway, this was mega fun, hope all u cat fans out there enjoy it! HOOOO!!!

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rats78 said...

too good, too good!!!

man i hate you